💎 Values I have added

🚀 February 26, 2020

I achieved 80% better performance

Tahfidz Online

An official website of Tahfidz Online


Tahfidz Online is a non-profit organization with hundreds of users. I first built its official website with WordPress and a Divi theme for flexible customization. Unfortunately, some users found that the website was too slow. I then rebuilt the website with Gatsby, a free and open-source framework based on React, and migrated it to Netlify. It now finally runs 80% faster.

🚀 August 7, 2019

I decreased company cost by $1k

vMix Badminton Live

A graphical subsystem to run on vMix


I once worked in a company that has a streaming service. To perform this service, the company used a third-party universal playout and streaming automation. It cost about 1000 USD for ten days of a live streaming program. I then built a simpler version to replace the paid one. The company can finally now get the full profit.